I became interested in photography when I was around the age of 17. One of my friends had asked me to take her senior pictures. After that, I was hooked.

I have had many opportunities to take photos during my college years so far. As you will see in this gallery, there are some photos in which I have just captured moments and things in my day to day life. 

A lot of the photos you will see here are photos from sporting events on my college campus. As a member of the Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network, I have had the chance to photograph countless games. I have shot nearly every sport on my campus, including field hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, and even acrobatics and tumbling.

You will also see photos in here of people and children. Most of these photos were taken while I was on a trip to León, Nicaragua in March of 2017. While there, I did photograph landscapes and buildings, but I was most fascinated by the people. I noticed that their faces told stories. And that's always the kind of photography I've aimed for, photography that tells a story.

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