The pieces included in this slideshow were all pieces I completed in my design classes at school. They were all created using either Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator.

The first two pieces were created for a more advanced class then the rest of the pieces. It was a typography class, so the aim was to focus on how to make the type as effective and creative as possible. This class allowed me to step out of my comfort zone so I could try new things that I had never achieved with my designs yet.

The last six pieces were created for an introductory level design class. The point of the class was to learn a few of the Adobe Creative Suite programs, but because I already had experience in the programs before I took the class, it was an opportunity for me to challenge myself. 

I found that these were the pieces from my classes that best represented not only my knowledge of the programs, but also my growth. In fact, both the concussion poster and the infographic were included in an exhibit at Quinnipiac University featuring students' work.



All of the pieces in this slideshow were created while I was working at Colby College as a design assistant in the Office of Communications. Although I did work at Colby for two summers, most of these pieces are from the second summer.

Working at Colby taught me a lot about the principles of design. Because I started the job with no prior design experience, I essentially learned everything I know about design because of this job. I was able to teach myself Adobe Bridge, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator with the help of online tutorials. 

Over the course of two summers at Colby, I was really able to establish myself as a designer, but not only that, I learned about the design process. I was able to create my own style while still maintaining the College's brand. I was able become a more independent designer. I was able to learn how the revision process works in a professional setting.

Even though I didn't enter the job with much, I feel as if I left with a lot. Obviously I gained some valuable portfolio pieces, as you will see here. But I also gained some wonderful knowledge and made some great contacts. 



Although I have always been involved with the Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network at my school, and I have always been involved with QBSN: The Magazine, I only recently became involved with design for the magazine.

So far, I have designed for two issues of QBSN: The Magazine. As you will see here, I have designed one cover, and plenty of spreads. I have also taken many photos for the magazine as well throughout my three years.

One of my favorite things about designing for QBSN and QBSN: The Magazine has been the opportunity it has given me to fail. Even though that may seem crazy, I personally believe that failure is a crucial step in the learning process. With QBSN: The Magazine, we don't have a supervisor who proofs the magazine before it gets sent to the printer. It is entirely student run, and therefore, all the final proofs are done by us. Because we are all still learning, there have been mistakes made, and often. But I feel that since making those mistakes, I have become a better designer. It has taught me what works and what doesn't, and what works best. By making mistakes, I have grown as a designer.