My name is Emma Robertson.  I am a journalist.  I am a designer.  But most importantly, I am a creator.

I am currently entering my senior year at Quinnipiac University where I am majoring in journalism and graphic and interactive design.  From a young age, I have had a love for both writing and art. When people would ask me what my favorite class was, I could never decide between my art class and my English class. I simply loved to be creative.


When it came time to choosing a college major, I settled on journalism because I felt that it would be more realistic to pursue than something art related. But after working as a design assistant at Colby College for a summer, I started to learn how I could express my artistic creativity in new ways. Through this experience, I began to love graphic design and eventually picked up the second major of graphic and interactive design.

I have many aspirations and ambitions.  I am not entirely sure what they are in full detail yet, but I know they will involve design and journalism.  No matter what I do in my future, these two elements will always have a place in my life.